Cleanse your spirit. Reveal your light.

Cleanse your body, energy, and spirit with the Atonement Cleansing Bar. Everything is made of energy and has a unique vibration. Use the Atonement Charcoal Bar to aid in the purification of dark energy and reveal your light. 

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Behind the scenes of The Kingdom skin care products

“Dawid Ben Yahuda Ben Yisra’El explains how the kingdom works together to bring the best skin care line in all of the world with clean and lawful products from Hebrew Care”

Behind the scenes of The Kingdom skin care products


Have any questions? The Kingdom Family is here to serve. 


This product is indigenous and family owned.


This product is a Kingdom Collection item. 


 Made with 100% KOSHER, clean, lawful, and natural ingredients. 

Declare the Kingdom.

The Kingdom was established in 1000 B.C.E. to promote the Most High’s Eternal and Righteous Order. In 2021, The Kingdom is re-established with its 3,020+ years of rich history and 200 Trillion value of wealth. 

The Kingdom unites people in the spirit through harmony, peace, love, and eternal inheritance.The Kingdom is a brand of nobility to bring a light to the darkness.

HOW IT WORKS: Release Your Light

This soap isn’t just regular soap. The Atonement Cleansing Bar helps atone and repair negative energy and vibrations. Whether you are taking a bath or a shower, start your purification by lathering and working the Atonement cleansing bar on your skin with warm to hot water. Repeat once. Rinse with warm water and feel your glow.