About Us


Kingdom Drip is a marketing, design, and advertising agency that specializes in marketing campaigns, impactful logos and branding, and digital marketing. Kingdom Drip engages in wide-ranging, multi-channel campaigns to leverage social platforms and reach our client’s target consumer audience. We drive attention and sales  by analyzing and  optimizing brand recognition, target audience, and consumer behavior.

Kingdom Drip offers two services to our clients. The first service we offer is brand promotion to drive client’s sales. We drive relevant  traffic and ad sales to the Client’s business.  The second service we offer is an Influencer brand marketplace. Are you an influencer with a faithful following? Create your own branded product and begin selling to your following  through our Kingdom Drip platform.


Kingdom Drip’s  purpose is to brand, promote, advertise, measure, and manage branding strategies for clients, including support, edification, and other forms of promotion.


We were created to uplift and edify indigenous businesses to reach their full potential and more. Kingdom Drip wants to provide a community and network of black owned/indigenous businesses in order for their community to have an increased buying power and level of economic emancipation.

Kingdom Drip is supported by the Kingdom Over Everything Foundation, its initiatives, and its missions. Kingdom Drip represents initiatives numbers 2 (create a habitat of peace), 3 (gather our people to be one), and 5 (serve as an example of love). The Kingdom Over Everything Foundation believes that these initiatives are the solutions to our people’s economic, educational, political, social, and systemic disenfranchisement.